Small sounds

What first comes to mind as I step outside is, will I freeze to death before I hear anything interesting? My fault. I should have done this Writing Adventure last week when March was acting more like April.

I close my eyes to listen with full attention. Lots of tweeting here. That’s to be expected with the bird feeders on the other side of the house. After living here so many years I almost don’t hear the automobile noise from the six lane expressway only 2 blocks distant. Then for a while, as I try to hear past those sounds, there is only my breath.

A tiny click. Before I can figure this out another slightly louder, metallic scrape.  I hear the sound of a door shutting and my neighbor calls out to me. I have to open my eyes and return the greeting.

I cheat now. That second noise must have been his key in the lock but what about the first tiny click? I don’t see anything. So much for cheating.

I close my eyes and wait. There it is again, that small sound, a brittle and quick noise. I’m going to find it! And there on the ground is a small tree branch which must have broken off in the wind. In fact, now that I’m alerted to this, there are several twigs on my front porch. Mystery solved.

~ by mickeyhoffman on March 23, 2009.

9 Responses to “Small sounds”

  1. I like this! I agree about the disagreeable weather. I ended up not doing it myself this week because Sunday, my “unplugged day”, was so windy I couldn’t hear a thing!

  2. Well done for admitted your cheating – even if it wasn’t fruitful! 🙂 I like how the unexpected noise ended up being something not man-made, as expected.

  3. Hi Mickey, You have a good description of the details of how you carried out the assignment and create a kind of meta-hearing where WE “hear” your thoughts.

  4. Nice story! Loved the beginning, it reminded me of my weather and the ending had nice finality.


  5. Ah! When it comes to cheating you’re an amateur. I’ll be happy to give you lessons though. I’ve got it down pat. 😉

    I liked your use of sound (and commitment to the assignment) and thought this line, “There it is again, that small sound, a brittle and quick noise.” was particularly effective. To use a term like brittle for a sound is wonderful. Nice job.

  6. Enjoyed it. As you pointed out, there is almost nothing more annoying than a sound you can’t place. I’m glad to know there is someone else who feels compelled to ferret out those unplaced sounds.


  7. wow- cool blog post- or was it cold? *grin* Funny how we tune out everyday sounds like birds at a feeder or the traffic two blocks away. Great job! Thanks for the good read.

  8. […] Mickey Hoffman […]

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