Delivery into the Void

Sometime last June we bought 4 pieces of furniture and the store told us they would be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks. Oh, we the unspsecting consumers, did not expect what was to happen. At first everything seemed fine. About a month ago, they emailed we should pick a delivery date for the couch. This went well. But when they came the couch did not fit into the elevator so they said they would have had to carry it up the stairs but didn’t have enough manpower with them. Two chairs were not even on the truck. They took the couch back and said they would call to reschedule to deliver the couch. They did not call. I called them. Found out that calling them means you either stay on hold for three hours!! or you press one and they call you back, which takes four hours. The first time they called back the automated voice said to press one to speak to someone. When I pressed one, I was disconnected. YAY, I got to call back again. I have now called three times over the span of one month, and emailed twice and was told the couch delivery is being expedited. Last week. Have heard nothing about it since. Somewhere there is a very nice couch…. As for the chairs, which were on a separate order for some reason, I got repeated emails to schedule and to follow the link (which was not clickable to make it more fun) but after I cut and pasted the link into my web browser and got to the page, when I tried to select a delivery date I repeatedly got a message there was a problem and I needed to contact them. Which I did several times in several ways and they would look the order up and say they would get back to me. Today I got a voicemail that told me to reply by pressing a key. You can not press a key to reply to a recorded voicemail. You are not connected to anything…. And the phone number the voicemail came from can not be called back, I tried. Soon after this voicemail, I got a text and hope springs eternal, I quickly, replied, even though they gave me a tracking number that was missing four digits, so I did not know if this was for the chairs or maybe the couch. Anyway, I chose a date, by texting which date I wanted from the choice they presented, and they then texted back it wasn’t available and to email them to choose a delivery date! Does this sound circular to you? After another email and another phone call !!! I think I have finally been given a delivery date for the chairs. Meanwhile, has the couch fallen into some void in the universe where unhappy furniture goes to hide? This delivery company has a multitude of one star reivews on line and many complaints with the Better Business Bureau so they must be extremely cheap for the stores to use or else I don’t know why the retailer where I purchased the furniture would use them. I have now put a few of my own reviews of this delivery company up on line, one with the Better Biz Bureau. Although I like the store where I bought the furniture, I sure wouldn’t want to buy anything from them again unless I could carry it home myself.

~ by mickeyhoffman on September 1, 2021.

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