How to get a Covid Vaccine??

Well, I finally signed us up for covid vaccines. I had tried and tried with no success.

But what I went thru before success…. yet they ask why some groups are not getting vaccinated? OMG. It took about three hours of trying to get the appointments. First I went to the website of health provider and many times the Covid appointments page was busy, would not load. Then when I got that page to load, it requires you to choose location and times, so if I chose nearby, but nothing was available at any time or location and I had to keep loading the page… no matter how I worked all still …….NOT AVAILABLE….

This all took me about one hour and dates after March 18 not even showing.

Then I tried to call their phone number and they are so buy they just tell you to call back.

So then I tried a different search, this time with Walgreens drugstores. It said to sign in to my account. I have had an account for years but it would not take my password. I hate it when that happens!!! So then I had to reset the password and they have to send you a code, etc. etc. So I waited for them to send code, which for some reason took a long time. When I finally changed the password and logged in and they asked for some more information which I gave them, and then they said they have to “verify identity”.

They asked me three questions that I could not make sense of! One question had 3 numbers and asked me what they belong to from a list of 4 names that looked like towns, but I did not recognize any of those. I was thinking WTF is that????? If they wanted my address or something, it did not match so I said NONE OF THE ABOVE… The other 2 questions were just as crazy. So then they said they could not verify my identity and when they do verify it, they will send me an email… But they never sent an email.

A few hours later I heard from a friend that other counties had appointments so I went back to the Health care provider website and in the zip code spot I put in a suburban code for a nearby county. And I got a list of places, chose one and bingo! I didn’t know if they would allow me to go out of my zip but it worked. Will just have to drive about 30 minutes, not bad.

So this is how to get a Covid vaccine in the USA. EASY!

~ by mickeyhoffman on February 5, 2021.

One Response to “How to get a Covid Vaccine??”

  1. After all of that were you able to get the vaccine? Hope you’re well

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