Saving a bear.

What follows is what I remember of a dream. Some of the content must have come from a home decorating show where a woman had her whole house decorated so it was choking with knick-knacks to the degree where I felt there was something seriously wrong. The same woman also said there were racoons in her attic. Another piece of the dream comes from an old show I’ve been watching that sets scenes inside what must be the ugliest residential buildings in the San Francisco area. References to Oklahoma come from something I watched where a African American cast was performing it.

Ok, here’s the story. My significant other and I were in New York city on the edge of a park, on a path with a fence along the side. We had a pet, a bear of some sort, although it looked more like a cross between a Pomeranian dog and a brown bear cub. The pet was just about 2 feet long and had fuzzy long fur that made it look cylindrical.
For a leash we had a thin red string attached to the bear’s leather collar. Somehow I knew the former owner was a criminal because the collar had metal studs with sharp points on it that said “tough guy.” I guess it was a rescue bear we had adopted?
As we walked, I let go of the “leash” string and the bear wandered into some bushes and stopped suddenly. I saw there was a racoon and a skunk walking toward the bear. The bear stopped and put its nose forward but didn’t move. I was afraid there would be a fight. The racoon sniffed a few times and walked away but the skunk kept coming. The skunk got within a few feet of the bear it let out its skunk odor. Somehow I knew it did this although I didn’t smell anything. The skunk kept moving toward the bear and I was really afraid but just at that moment, a group of four men came walking through a gap in the fence and the skunk ran off. I quickly moved forward and attached the “leash” again and we walked away from the park.
The scene changed suddenly and we were in a busy area of the city where there were cars and crowds of people, so I picked up the bear to carry it. It weighed very little for something its size. Then I handed it to my “other” and we walked down the street. I realized we were really far from his father’s apartment so I suggested we get a taxi.
We called a taxi that already was carrying passengers, except they mysteriously disappeared as soon as the taxi stopped. After we got seated, somehow we couldn’t remember the address of our destination. Finally, I told the driver to go to 81st street. (No idea why that street appeared in the dream.) As the taxi moved slowly along, I looked out and saw a row of attached houses painted bright yellow and stuccoed. I don’t think there are any such in Manhattan with that Mediterranean style. Most of those houses had their front doors wide open so I could see into the living rooms. The decor was universally atrocious. One house had knick-knacks on every horizontal surface. This included a set of life-sized plaster figurines that seemed to portray characters from the musical “Oklahoma,” arranged like they would be doing a performance. As I watched, a man and woman figurine became animated and started to move and sing. I can’t remember what they were singing, but I don’t think it was really from the musical.

And we drove on.
And I woke up.

~ by mickeyhoffman on August 17, 2020.

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