Is there a human I can speak to?

It goes without saying, that humans can make mistakes and might not have the answers to your questions, but some corporations will just not let you talk to anything but a robot.
Yesterday,  I called a pharmacy and the robot took my order and said the prescription would be ready in one hour. When I called back one hour later the robot said “we are working on it.” When I called after another 30 min. robot said the same thing so I asked the robot if I could talk to a human. When a human picked up, he said my insurance was refusing cause the prescription could not be refilled until July 10th. This made no sense.
I said, “But there are only enough pills in the bottle for ten days so how does
that work?” The pharmacist didn’t know. I then told him that my doctor had called in a new prescription for a bigger number of pills but I did not know the number of that prescription. He then said their computer had gone down so he could not look that up, to call back later.
One hour later, I called back. A woman who identified herself as a pharmacy
technician listed to my story and looked it up in the the now operational computer. She
said okay, she saw that and they could fill this one and it would be ready in an hour.
When I called back to check,  the pharmacist knew absolutely nothing about it,
but he looked in the computer and said they would fill it right away.  And they did.

But was the robot hell finished? OF COURSE NOT.

Today I had a delivery of my new Nordictrack skier. When I ordered it, I had
to pay 250 bucks for delivery which included the set up AND for them to take away the old equipment. I got three phone messages from a robot at a company
called Ryder-Icon that said they would deliver today. (Normally, I would not put down the actual name of a company but in this case, I feel their business model needs to be properly extolled.) Hah. I got several calls from that company but just from a robot.  The first call asked me to press buttons to say if the house was in a gated community, and if there were stairs and if I needed any old equipment removed. I duly pressed the correct buttons. The last call from them on Wednesday confirmed today’s delivery. But this morning I got a call from a company called MDX, another robot call of course, and the voice said they would be arriving with my equipment in “one hours and 45 minutes.” No, that’s not a typo, the robot apparently has trouble with singular and plural. Anyway, the truck showed up only ten minutes later and it said MDX on it. I was confused after all the calls from Ryder-Icon (whoever they are).
Three guys come to the door with the big box but said they could not remove
the old equipment. I told them how the Icon robot asked me, “Do you need
removal of old equipment?” and I pressed the key for YES. But these guys
said they were not FROM that company and that they had no permission to do that,
they NEVER take away old equipment. So after some discussion, one of them
called their MDX office and the woman told me that Icon was using them to deliver and
that if I wanted the old one removed I would have to refuse this delivery and
call NordicTrack back and talk to them about it. They could redeliver another time. After hanging up with that woman, we had some more discussion and the guys agreed to take the old one away and junk it for 100 bucks cash.
They carried away the old one and set up the new, and pretty much had to read the manual to do it. I helped out by pointing out that one piece was not plugged in….
In the end, all is well, it’s all working. But why do so many transactions have to hinge on contacts with automated systems that don’t receive or give the correct information?    I suppose the companies that use the robots love it cause they can blame the problems
on their robots. I do intend to inform Nordictrack about this and perhaps spare the next customer some tense moments.

~ by mickeyhoffman on July 5, 2019.

2 Responses to “Is there a human I can speak to?”

  1. For me to ever get a prescription filled again, it would have to truly be a matter of life and death. It’s too excruciatingly painful dealing with pharmacies, their robots (both human and computer generated), their many employees, their computers that never seem to work, the rules that damage rather than protect.
    As for NordicTrack — luckily for me, mine was a hand-me down that came fully assembled.

  2. The only good news here is that you DID finally speak to a human. There are a number of customer service instances . . . including Amazon, where there are no humans to be found, no matter how much you demand to speak to one. And THAT’s after being on hold for 20 minutes!

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