Buy a TV set in only 4 Hours!

Step one: Find the TV on the store’s website. Then the store tells you to order it on line.

Step two: Select a TV set. Set up a delivery.

Step three: It seems you now have to wait for an email to set up the installation of the TV.

Step four: The email arrives. The email has the order number and a phone number to call for installation scheduling. For some reason that can’t be done on line.

Step five: So time to call the number. The person who answers has ALL of the details of your order wrong. You learn that not only is the address incorrect, the TV was scheduled for pick up at a store in the wrong city, not as a delivery. AND when you clarify the city, they don’t have that model of TV that can be delivered to that area in the first place. When you express dismay, you are transferred to a different department.

Step six: You are told, after being switched between three different people, that the order you placed can’t be completed, but you can not be issued a cancellation or a refund from the person telling you this. You must call a different number and ask for a special department.

Step seven: You call the number you were given and a robot voice does not have that special department on its robotic menu, nor can the robot understand you. After using several terms of endearment the robot finds you a human. This human is very nice, and looks up your order and says there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. Who told you it was all screwed up? But, this person can not set up the installation. You must call another number and to avoid more errors, tell them to look at “order details.”

Step eight: This call takes you to what is obviously a huge call center because you can hear the person sitting next to the one who took your call more clearly than the person you are speaking to. After explaining several times you wish to set up an installation, the person pulls up the order and finds that the order details are NOT correct, but says he can fix it. This takes about half an hour during which time you are placed on hold four times and have to repeat the address where the TV is going several times. The only thing that previously seemed correct, the day of delivery, now seems to have changed mysteriously.

Step nine: You ask the person to please repeat everything to verify, since it has been a long, long road to reach this point. You are assured that the TV will arrive one or two days before the installation crew will arrive to set it all up. A recap will be sent via email.

Step ten: The email arrives. The zip code and street address are correct. The name of the town is misspelled. But it’s been four hours. Maybe it will arrive anyway. At this point, who cares?

Mickey Hoffman is the author of the mystery novels, “School of Lies” and “Deadly Traffic.” Visit for details.


~ by mickeyhoffman on May 4, 2017.

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