Tropical nightmares

Thailand is in turmoil these days. In this country, if we think about Thailand at all, we tend to gloss over the seamier side of life there and focus on white sand beaches and tropical sunsets. A recent New York Times article about the border between Myanmar and Thailand describes the lawlessness of that area. The main supporting characters in my mystery novel, Deadly Traffic, passed through there, arriving months later in California. The familiy I created for my book were willing to confront danger and uncertainty to seek a better life. When my fictional family arrived in this country, they retained their distrust of authority, and were easily manipulated by criminal elements eager to take advantage of their illegal status. In my book, I try to show how the manipulated can sometimes turn into manipulators themselves.

frontcoverJPGFirst and foremost, Deadly Traffic is a mystery novel, but I was inspired to write it after learning about a type of immigration fraud that’s not in the news very much. It’s carried out by employers who bring workers here on legal visas but with ulterior motives.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or Smashwords or Barnes and Noble, etc. Here’s a link to Amazon:

If you’re interested in the NY Times article, you can find it here:

~ by mickeyhoffman on December 25, 2013.

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