Route 66: High Desert Minds

Driving Route 66 through southern California takes you through miles and miles of desert, high and low, but civilization, should you choose to call it that, has inexorably chewed away at the magnificent solitude.

The old highway has many fans who gather yearly at various locations to celebrate and discuss the way Route 66 helped bring the country together. These photos were taken at a Route 66 festival in Victorville, California. For obvious reasons, automobiles were a focal point.

I’m not sure why but an entire building had been filled with military vehicles and a few nasty looking weapons. Halfway through this display I found myself blinking in surprise. First I thought, “Honey, someone shrank the tank.” Then I realized I was looking at models. To give you a sense of scale, the little humans are about 18 inches tall. The doll-like quality of these little arrangements seemed almost incongruous when compared with the real tanks and hardware sitting only a few yards away.

All those little bullets, someone went to a load of work putting these together.

Although I missed the main beauty pageant, here’s a preview:

And then, back outside, and not far away, to the stillness of the hills.

~ by mickeyhoffman on May 8, 2013.

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