Holiday Diary of a Kitten

By a Manx kitten with help in composition. Kindly contributed and not written by M.H. Really.

7:15 What fun! I knock over the garbage and everything spills out all over the kitchen. Such rolling, sliding and dripping fun!
7:30 Daddy wakes up.
7:35 Daddy sweeps and mops kitchen, puts garbage bag back.
7:40 I guess he wants to play! I knock over the garbage bag and spread everything out. What a game!
7:45 Daddy walks into living room muttering something about peace and quiet. I follow him.
7:47 Daddy picks me and gives me hugs and kisses as he carries me into dining room.
7:47-8:15 See entries for 7:45 and 7:47. We play this game three more times.
8:15 I lie contentedly on Daddy’s desk. Daddy is in the kitchen. Suddenly, a gigantic tornado sweeps into the room. Several of Daddy’s heavy books crash to the floor and papers fall into the trash basket. I jump up startled. After all, I’ve never experienced a tornado before. I don’t think Daddy noticed it.
8:30 I join Daddy in the kitchen. A mouse squeaks in the cupboard. It’s so loud, why doesn’t Daddy hear it? I jump into the cabinet to quiet the mouse as only I can, so Daddy can read the paper without getting disturbed. Ooops, the mouse knocks over some dishes in its haste to beat a retreat. Lucky for the mouse, nothing breaks. Daddy gets up and rescues me from the cabinet before a dish can fall on me.
9:00 Daddy feeds the fish. I help. I like frozen fish food! Daddy stops feeding and gets the toy mousie to get me out of the living room. He thinks he’s tricking me. I humor him because we play mousie for 15 mintues.
9:15 Daddy annoints me Master of the Universe.
9:30-11:30 I sleep contentedly. Daddy seemed tense and nervous when I went to sleep. I must try to comfort him later because he was so nice to me all morning.
11:35 See 7:15 and 7:40. But Daddy won’t play now. There’s garbage on the floor. My goodness, that’s not very sanitary. But I lack the opposable thumbs to clean it up. Maybe Mommie will play with me.
11:40 She seems busy. Well, I have my priorities. Back to sleep…

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you enjoyed this little story written by a person dear to me.

~ by mickeyhoffman on November 24, 2011.

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