Excerpt from Deadly Traffic by Mickey Hoffman

This is an excerpt from Deadly Traffic. Some content has been altered to protect the mystery.

The lights were on in Zazzi’s Hair Palace, advertising its presence in a garish scribble of neon. The block also held a secondhand appliance store, a tiny burrito joint, a paycheck loan business, and an apartment house that looked like a cheap motel. A man wearing a bandana got up from the metal table outside the burrito place, threw his trash in the general vicinity of a garbage can and strolled away like he owned the street. Kendra wanted to tell him if he wanted it, he could have it.
At Kendra’s insistence, they left the Mustang parked under a streetlight in front of the money store where the steady stream of customers might prevent it from being stolen. They walked until they were directly across the street from the two-story building that housed the hair salon. A CLOSED sign hung on the door.

“You sure this is the place?” Kendra asked. “Must be the wrong address. It doesn’t look like anyone lives here.” With luck, he’d see it her way and decide to leave.

“There’s an apartment on the second floor, see?”

A hefty and very permed blonde woman came into view behind the plate glass window. She was wielding a push broom, thrusting it like an assault on the floor. Her armpits were unshaved, and leg hairs poked out of the gaps in her fishnet stockings. Her upper arms, bared from a sleeveless top, were the size of Kendra’s thighs. She had a hard look about her mouth, a look that said she’d earned it through years of low expectations coming to fruition. Kendra had seen the same expression on parents’ faces during expulsion hearings.

“Wow, I wonder what she’s wearing for Halloween?” he mumbled.

“Shh! You better talk to her, not me. Something tells me she’ll be happier with attention from the opposite sex.
He tried the door, found it locked and tapped on the glass. The woman ignored the intrusion at first but when he kept it up, she yelled, “We’re closed!”

Kendra watched, half-admiring, half-disgusted as her companion flashed a smile good enough to get him a star on the sidewalk in Hollywood. The woman gave him a slow, top to bottom look and invited them in. Amazing. At her age, didn’t she know better than to open the door to a stranger on the basis of a sexy smile? But then, given the way she looked… Anyway, Ms. Zazzi appeared more than capable of defending herself if the necessity arose.

“Sorry to bother you. I’m looking for someone,” he said as the woman relocked the door. The click of the dead bolt made Kendra’s breath catch. Escape route gone!

“I was hoping you were looking for me,” said the woman with a suggestive bat of her false eyelashes. She fished a pack of cigarettes from a purse on the counter and offered them around, lighting up when there were no takers.
Kendra had to admit he really knew how to get what he wanted.

Deadly Traffic will be published soon. Visit www.mickeyhoffman.com for more information.

~ by mickeyhoffman on October 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Excerpt from Deadly Traffic by Mickey Hoffman”

  1. Excellent excerpt! Part I haven’t read yet. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. I’ve enjoyed all I’ve read so far! Best of luck with the book.

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