Breaking the Rules

The hallway’s dark, making the inset double doors almost invisible. In my pocket I finger the lure I’d used to get Kathy to come with me. I could tell by the way she hangs back that she’s scared. One reason I brought her is that she never gets caught and I always do. She’s my good luck charm.

“Watch while I open the door,” I whisper. She nods, looking over her shoulder.

I hold my breath and push on the handle, hoping the door doesn’t squeak. I don’t worry that it might be locked, because no one dares enter this sanctum without permission. The air whooshes at me with smells familiar from the times I’ve been inside on special days, always in regimented lines, never free to explore. Somehow, this time the air feels moist and I sense an odd, musty smell mixed with the tang of furniture polish. With the door open only a few inches, we both slip inside and I let the door close behind us.

Click. We both freeze and stop breathing, but no one comes. Now my eyes adjust to the light and we tip-toe toward the front, and find seats near the aisle.

“Okay, I came. You promised,” she tells me, holding out a hand.

I take a candy bar out of my pocket and break it in half. I’m calm now and relaxed enough to notice the shouts coming from outside the high, vaulted windows. Everyone else is outside! This will be the most delicious Baby Ruth bar ever!

Suddenly, a harsh crack of light busts in front of us. A voice comes from a door to one side of the stage. We both shrink down behind the seats of the row in front of us, but we’ve been caught!

The voice of doom rings out. “Girls, come with me to the office! The assembly hall is off limits to students!”

We meekly follow the principal to the office. My mother’s going to kill me, but it was worth it.

Mickey is author of the mystery novels, School of Lies and Deadly Traffic, published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC. Visit  at


~ by mickeyhoffman on June 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Breaking the Rules”

  1. Completely surprised! The suspense is well-built, great atmosphere, well-rounded characters; could have been any age, any place. Nicely done, Mickey.

  2. great suspense – well written

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