First Time

The first time: Well, this is The First Time that I really don’t want to do the WAG! Why? The topic is “The First Time.”

Every interesting thing I can think of is personal, the sort of personal that I don’t feel comfortable sending out over the tubes of the “internets.” (If you don’t get that reference, do a Google on Ted Stevens, former Gov. of the state of Alaska+internet.)

See, now already, I’m exposing one of my biases. This blog stuff is very problematic for me. The only topics I feel truly safe with are cupcakes, kittens and lawn care, and even the cupcakes might be a minefield of trans fats!

I salute all you brave writers, but I am not one of you!

Mickey is the author of School of Lies, a mystery novel about an out of control school. Visit me at

~ by mickeyhoffman on May 4, 2010.

9 Responses to “First Time”

  1. Hehe, could be the first time you drove a car or the first time you ate Chocolate Decadence ice cream… Okay, I see where THAT could be a loaded subject too…

  2. […] Mickey Hoffman […]

  3. This cracked me up! You managed to WAG even if you didn’t want to. I didn’t really expect anyone to write about sex. And.. I don’t think anyone did. It was the first time for ANY activity! So actually you didn’t break the rules at all!

  4. Even if sex is discarded, there is a ton of other stuff that I don’t feel right about making public. For example, family information, my likes and dislikes, habits. Everything you put out there gets sucked up by people trying to sell you something so you get 50 spam emails, but what’s worse is you don’t know what happens to the personal information after that. It is a battle because I like to be myself but I don’t want people taking advantage of that.

  5. The Reluctant Wagger. Nice! 🙂

  6. Damn. I was hoping for something juicy. You’re kidding, right. If I can commit my first murder in a WAG, the field is wide open. Or, have I taken that dreaded first step onto a slippery slope…oh, me.

  7. Great piece and I share some of your misgivings about anything too personal.

  8. I like cupcakes and kittens! 🙂

  9. The first time you didn’t want to WAG – I like it!

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